Monday, April 13, 2009


Ok, so I feel like a jerk, but who can blame a mom trying to save a buck? As we are all aware of, we are in a super crappy recession right now, and its causing all of us to cinch down on the spending. I happen to have a hot chocolate addiction, and I can't seem to cut it out of the budget. I'm sure you are thinking, "hot chocolate? what the heck? what about the coffee, lady!??" Well, I have a lot of stuff going on right now, and I can't handle the caffeine. Argh. But, lets not talk about that.

Back to the saving a dollar. I was reading in the Orange County Register, an article about the new Mc Cafes that are popping up everywhere, and are supposed to be made with real milk like Starbucks and a lot less expensive. I couldn't resist, and drove myself to my local Mc Donalds and ordered a hot chocolate. The first disappointment was that it comes from a machine and they can't control the temperature. I love love love my hot chocolate hot...I mean steaming, piping, hot lava hot! Bummer. Anyway, I pulled through the drive through, and....what kind of savings is that? $1.99 for a small hot chocolate. I'm no math genius, but I'm pretty sure if I ordered a small hot chocolate at my local coffee shop, it would cost about the same. Or less!

No worries, I got my hot chocolate, and headed on my way. Pulling out of the drive through (screaming child in the backseat) I took a sip. YUCK!!!!! I was disgusted. It tasted like some chemical concoction of melted milkshakes and floor cleaner. It was gross. So girls....and guys.....don't drink the Cocoa! It is nasty stuff. Stick with your local coffee shop, or make it yourself...because Mc Cafe, is Mc Yucky.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!!!

Easter came and went and we seem to have made it through without any throwing up or emergency room visits.  We did a playgroup egg hunt Saturday and had WAY too much sugar!! We melted down for oh, most of the day.  Oh yeah, and into the night.  It was fabulous.  There's nothing like pumping a ton of sugar into a two year old and letting the tantrums fly.  My husband has a few more grey hairs, and I think I have a new eye twitch, and maybe even a new wrinkle.  

Does anyone else have the wrinkle right between their eyes? I have this "cling on" looking wrinkle, it is so deep that my makeup loves to settle right into it.  I would get botox or restalin, but that stuff just freaks me out.  Something about injecting botulism into my face and temporarily paralyzing it that just doesn't seem right.  

Oh well...such is the life of a mom. 

What am I going to talk about today? I'm thinking Pastel Playdough.  Has anyone smelled playdough lately? It smells exactly the same as when I was a kid.  I'd like to say it tastes the same, but I am not going there.  I also can't believe how inexpensive the stuff still is.  It only cost us $1.88 for a 4 pack.  Now, I'd like to claim that I am a super-healthy, organic, home made baby food making mama, but lets get real girls.....can you make 4 tubs of playdough in 4 different colors, for less than $1.88? I'm not so confident I could?  I am also a bit scared to make my own because while my dog has not taken a liking to playdough just yet....I'm pretty sure that the minute I slave over some cornstarch, food coloring and god knows what else is in homemade playdough.....she'd have herself a buffet.  
So.....(loving the dot dot dot)....
I love playdough today!

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Must Needed Treat

Wow, I take a few days off, and so much has happened!  Our economy is on the rise.....(That's what I think anyway) because sales are up.  That is so good for this hard workin' mama.  I am working on saving up to fill the hole in our back deck to get a new hot tub.  Nothing fancy, just something from craigslist, but let me just say it is a must needed treat.  In the summer we can keep it cold, and voila! a swimming pool!  Maybe this year if we have that, then our little blue plastic pool won't keep blowing into the neighbors yard? Its always pleasant to start your day by knocking on your neighbors door to see if you can walk in their backyard and get your swimming pool back.  
But, all good things in time, right gals?
Alrighty.  I am talking today about a must needed treat, and not my craigslist hot tub.  This is a seller on Etsy named SDJewelry.  I recently treated myself to a few baubles from her shop and I love them! I was not even aware at the time I purchased them, that they were just what I needed.  Any of you that know me, know that I am completely led by my emotions (part of being a Cancerian I guess)  And I just can't seem to get them, along with my hormones in check......low and behold, the moonstone necklace and Aquamarine bracelet are just what the doctor ordered!  Supposedly, moonstone helps to balance the female hormones and emotional side, and aquamarine brings balance during emotional times.  Hooray! no pills needed for this sister!  
I think you should all go to and check out her stuff! the bracelet is the perfect size and fits tightly to my wrist (I never take it off now) and the necklace is my absolute favorite!

Monday, April 6, 2009

For a Good Cause

Wanna do something good for someone in need? click here

I'm out of words on what to type, but I recently learned of this blogger who was reaching out to others to help out a dad who is just trying to keep it all together.  It is a tear jerker, but a lesson in kindness.  I donated a few items that I knit to the etsy page to benefit the Liz Logan Foundation, and if you have items to donate, please contact either me or because it sure does make you feel better when life gets ya down.  

I remember last year when Frank was in the hospital for a week and a half with a horrible sickness, we racked up almost 10,000 dollars in hospital bills we couldn't pay.  We returned home from Doernbecher and were asked to meet a friend for husband went, and there he was presented with almost $4000.00  They had "passed the hat" for us, and I cried for days.  I was overwhelmed by the kindness that people had in their hearts.  It helped us to pay our mortgage that month from not being able to work, and it helped offset some of our hospital bills.  I still cry about how kind people can be.  

So, lets bring some tears of joy to Matt and his loving little family! c'mon girls!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

What is the Meaning Behind a Name?

So, while home at my mom's house, my little sister showed me this really cool site.  I was amazed at how "right on" it was.  I searched everyone's name I knew and found that it was true for every single one of them....check it out!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!

Well Hi there mommies and daddies and non-mommies and grandmas, and browsers alike! My name is Lauren and I am starting this blog not because I am a good writer, (because I am not) but because I feel like I have to share all my fun deals that I find around town and on the web! I am a confessed shopaholic and I love love love a good bargain!  So, where to start for my first post.......well, I saw on craigslist (as I was looking for a new stroller) that Costco in Bend is offering an amazing jogger for only $99.00 thats right girls, 99 dollars! it is by Dream Designz and normally retails for $300-400 dollars!  I went and checked it out for myself, thinking it would be stubby enough to push around town, wasn't.  It was pretty long, the front wheel swivels....extremely light weight, but not good for boutique shopping.  However, if you are a jogger or walker, this is the one for you!