Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Fun!!!

Easter came and went and we seem to have made it through without any throwing up or emergency room visits.  We did a playgroup egg hunt Saturday and had WAY too much sugar!! We melted down for oh, most of the day.  Oh yeah, and into the night.  It was fabulous.  There's nothing like pumping a ton of sugar into a two year old and letting the tantrums fly.  My husband has a few more grey hairs, and I think I have a new eye twitch, and maybe even a new wrinkle.  

Does anyone else have the wrinkle right between their eyes? I have this "cling on" looking wrinkle, it is so deep that my makeup loves to settle right into it.  I would get botox or restalin, but that stuff just freaks me out.  Something about injecting botulism into my face and temporarily paralyzing it that just doesn't seem right.  

Oh well...such is the life of a mom. 

What am I going to talk about today? I'm thinking Pastel Playdough.  Has anyone smelled playdough lately? It smells exactly the same as when I was a kid.  I'd like to say it tastes the same, but I am not going there.  I also can't believe how inexpensive the stuff still is.  It only cost us $1.88 for a 4 pack.  Now, I'd like to claim that I am a super-healthy, organic, home made baby food making mama, but lets get real girls.....can you make 4 tubs of playdough in 4 different colors, for less than $1.88? I'm not so confident I could?  I am also a bit scared to make my own because while my dog has not taken a liking to playdough just yet....I'm pretty sure that the minute I slave over some cornstarch, food coloring and god knows what else is in homemade playdough.....she'd have herself a buffet.  
So.....(loving the dot dot dot)....
I love playdough today!

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