Monday, April 13, 2009


Ok, so I feel like a jerk, but who can blame a mom trying to save a buck? As we are all aware of, we are in a super crappy recession right now, and its causing all of us to cinch down on the spending. I happen to have a hot chocolate addiction, and I can't seem to cut it out of the budget. I'm sure you are thinking, "hot chocolate? what the heck? what about the coffee, lady!??" Well, I have a lot of stuff going on right now, and I can't handle the caffeine. Argh. But, lets not talk about that.

Back to the saving a dollar. I was reading in the Orange County Register, an article about the new Mc Cafes that are popping up everywhere, and are supposed to be made with real milk like Starbucks and a lot less expensive. I couldn't resist, and drove myself to my local Mc Donalds and ordered a hot chocolate. The first disappointment was that it comes from a machine and they can't control the temperature. I love love love my hot chocolate hot...I mean steaming, piping, hot lava hot! Bummer. Anyway, I pulled through the drive through, and....what kind of savings is that? $1.99 for a small hot chocolate. I'm no math genius, but I'm pretty sure if I ordered a small hot chocolate at my local coffee shop, it would cost about the same. Or less!

No worries, I got my hot chocolate, and headed on my way. Pulling out of the drive through (screaming child in the backseat) I took a sip. YUCK!!!!! I was disgusted. It tasted like some chemical concoction of melted milkshakes and floor cleaner. It was gross. So girls....and guys.....don't drink the Cocoa! It is nasty stuff. Stick with your local coffee shop, or make it yourself...because Mc Cafe, is Mc Yucky.

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