Friday, April 10, 2009

A Must Needed Treat

Wow, I take a few days off, and so much has happened!  Our economy is on the rise.....(That's what I think anyway) because sales are up.  That is so good for this hard workin' mama.  I am working on saving up to fill the hole in our back deck to get a new hot tub.  Nothing fancy, just something from craigslist, but let me just say it is a must needed treat.  In the summer we can keep it cold, and voila! a swimming pool!  Maybe this year if we have that, then our little blue plastic pool won't keep blowing into the neighbors yard? Its always pleasant to start your day by knocking on your neighbors door to see if you can walk in their backyard and get your swimming pool back.  
But, all good things in time, right gals?
Alrighty.  I am talking today about a must needed treat, and not my craigslist hot tub.  This is a seller on Etsy named SDJewelry.  I recently treated myself to a few baubles from her shop and I love them! I was not even aware at the time I purchased them, that they were just what I needed.  Any of you that know me, know that I am completely led by my emotions (part of being a Cancerian I guess)  And I just can't seem to get them, along with my hormones in check......low and behold, the moonstone necklace and Aquamarine bracelet are just what the doctor ordered!  Supposedly, moonstone helps to balance the female hormones and emotional side, and aquamarine brings balance during emotional times.  Hooray! no pills needed for this sister!  
I think you should all go to and check out her stuff! the bracelet is the perfect size and fits tightly to my wrist (I never take it off now) and the necklace is my absolute favorite!

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